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There are currently 18 million light vehicles registered to be used on Canadian roads. The typical lifespan of a vehicle within the 1960s was just but 162,000 km. Today this is often approaching 225,000 km.¹ this suggests that Canadians can and sometimes do keep their old vehicles on the road for years longer than they wont to . However, junk car removal in Toronto remains a disputed topic and a matter of concern. That’s what we lookout for.

Junk car in Toronto

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After the introduction of scrapping programs within the 90s by most countries, partly legitimations by environmental impact reductions were witnessed. Sell my car for cash in Toronto has been trending ever since. This is why we at Cash 4 U Cars 4 Us have been making the entire process of removal an environmentally sustainable one.  However, reducing the age of the present car fleet may end in a rise of life-cycle CO2 emissions. This may probably even be true for cars to be produced in future. Unless fuel efficiency of latest cars improves much faster than the historical trend indicates, it is undoubtedly tough to get the results.

Reducing the age of petrol-fueled cars without a converter will reduce both life-cycle NOx and VOC emissions. However, it is a smaller amount cost-effective than fitting catalytic converters on these cars. In any case, the influence of a car’s lifetime on life-cycle NOx and VOC emissions are going to be reduced within the near future.

This is how we at Cash4u Cars4us work. Our team ensures that all regulatory standards are maintained.  Now booking your scrap car pick up in Toronto appointment with us is extremely easy. You can simply call us or fill up the form in the contact us page. One of our representatives will revert back to you and ensure that the process is hassle free and we give you a good experience.